Design Agency Profile

Phoot Creative offer a cross media design and marketing agency service from our Worcestershire on the edge of Birmingham in the UK. We develop intelligent solutions for the promotional side of the marketing mix. Phoot Creative offer a range of marketing, graphic design and photographic services to our clients to help them make the most effective use of their marketing budget. Each project is treated as an individual challenge to find the best possible solution.


Phoot was established in 2002 starting life as many new businesses do, as a simple idea and a lot of ambition. Phoot Creative now operates as an independent consulting firm working for companies and organisations of all sizes.

Why Phoot? The name came from a typo of the word ‘photo’. We liked it; it was both memorable and individual, reflecting our aspirations as a business – exactly what a brand name should do.

Phoot’s Steve Ashdown is a founder and the Chairman of the Creative Shropshire business network. He is an advocate of creative business both within the UK and abroad.

Li Zhi Hong has a PhD and Masters degree in Marketing. She is a respected founder member of the International Social Marketing Association and has also won awards for both art and photography.

How we work

There are no standard projects at Phoot however we do have standard working practices to keep everything running smoothly. It begins with an initial consultation from which, between us, we will formulate a brief and a set of deadlines. During the project we will be regularly communicating with you as we feel that your input is vital to its success.

Who we work with

At Phoot we like to work with clients of all sizes, across a broad range of industries. This keeps us fresh and innovative. That’s why you will see all kinds of work within our portfolio, from consumer focused design, to business-to-business and social marketing projects.