Our understanding of branding as a marketing platform has changed radically. It has changed from a label projected to an audience to an emotional lever to engage the consumer. The most innovative new brands are now platforms for interaction. Smart businesses understand that brands must be as simple as a single idea but adaptable to communicate in numerous variations through ever changing markets and situations. A brand doesn’t live in a logo but in the hearts and minds of its consumers.

Phoot can guide you through modern brand strategy to help you discover your unique identity and make a connection with consumers.

Branding services

Phoot offer a full range of brand identity services to help differentiate your business.
Here are just a few:

  • Visual brand identity design
  • Brand positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand guidlines
  • Verbal brand identity
  • Viral marketing
  • Branding updates and redesign
  • Marketing communication
  • Brand rollout
  • Investor communication

Brand identity design

The designed elements of a brand identity may be as bold as a logo or colour scheme and as subtle as the shape of a comma. Anything which leaves an impression of your values, success and abilities will have a lasting effect on both clients and employees, so it is important to make sure that message is a positive one.

At Phoot we adhere to the principles of integrated marketing communications – we recognise that all elements of your brand marketing are vital; they must complement each other perfectly, be consistant across all media and relevant to the target market. If your brochures are in a different style to your website, for example, then the whole thing falls apart. We offer a full range of services so that all parts of your business can be in harmony and project a professional image.

Brand naming

Whether it’s the name of a business of a product; the words chosen can have a major effect on success. It seems easy but there are hundreds of things to consider.

Anyone who has named a child will tell you of the minefield of problems with initials, spellings, pronunciations, perceptions, how common or unusual the name is etc… Naming a business or it’s products is even more complex. You must consider legal factors, copyrights and trademarks, international language and culture issues, search engine compatibility and domain names.

Most important of all though, is what the name says to the target audience. The wrong name can be instantly forgettable (think ‘ABC Associates’)’ or even stop a purchasing decision in it’s tracks. On the other hand, a positive name can build bridges with customers attracting familiarity and loyalty as well as sales.

When working on a brand naming project our team will discuss your key business values, your marketing plan and identify your target audience beforeinvestigating the most appropriate naming strategy. With a strategy agreed and in place we will brainstorm hundreds of names before narrowing these down to a select group. We will then research all the practcal and legal issues that relate to these. Once we have the all-clear we will propose these to the client and get your feedback while explaining the specific reasons for each selection.

With the words finally in place it’s usually then passed to the designers to create the visual language of the branding strategy.