• Bridgnorth Endowed School Branding

    Bridgnorth Endowed School once again asked Phoot to design their new prospectus. This time they decided to update and integrate their brand identity. We worked with them to sensitively develop a brand with hundreds of year's history. The result is both modern and traditional, and has the versatility to be used across medias including implementation on School badges and ties as well as print work and advertising.

  • Acajou Branding

    Phoot worked with luxury bathroom brand Acajou to develop their identity and create a set of marketing tools to allow them to engage with this competative market. Our work has helped them to achieve features in glossy magazines as well as a lucrative contract with Harrods.

  • Severn Podiatry Branding

    A new forward thinking Podiatrist required a brand that broke away from the usual, bland identities. In particular it had to reflect their specialism in sports science and ground-breaking techniques.

  • David Dexter Branding

    A long established firm offering car repairs wanted to update their brand without offending their conservative, established market. We have guided them through a steady change to strengthen the brand including logo design, colour schemes, advertising, signage, interior and point of sale design.

  • Johnson Architects Branding

    Phoot was asked by this architectural firm to design a new corporate identity and a set of press advertisements. We were later asked to produce a limited edition book to showcase the company's work for a series of meetings in Hong Kong. The book combines 3 different papers, was produced by two different printing methods and includes both the English text and a Cantonese Chinese translation.

Branding Portfolio

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