• Crusaders leaflets

    Phoot have produced leaflets to promote Crusaders events for several years. They target the youth market and need to communicate in a fun way to both children and parents. We spiced it up with original illustration.

  • School Prospectus

    Bridgnorth Endowed School once again asked Phoot to design their new prospectus. The printed document required photography as well as graphic design targeting new students and their parents who may be considering the school.

  • Acajou Brochure

    Phoot worked with luxury bathroom brand Acajou to develop their identity and create a set of marketing tools to allow them to engage with this competative market. Our work has helped them to achieve features in glossy magazines as well as a lucrative contract with Harrods.

  • Wasteless Society Green Guide

    The Wasteless Society loved the work we did with Revert Creative for The Friends of the Earth so much that they asked us to produce their own Green Guide.

  • Johnson Design Book

    We were asked to produce a bespoke limited edition book to showcase this architectural firm work for a series of meetings in Hong Kong.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Print is still at the heart of a graphic design agency. Despite the rise of the internet there are still many cases where printed material is the best method of business communication.

When it comes to promotion nothing can beat a tangible product. From business stationery, leaflets, brochures and posters through to packaging and signage, we work with our clients and suppliers to provide the complete graphic design and print solution.