A picture says a thousand words, often more…

Getting the right picture for your marketing material is vital. From clean product visuals for websites, through to full studio product or location shoots, Phoot manages the client’s requirement to ensure that it integrates with the overall strategy and provides the desired impact.

How it’s done

Photography is all about light. getting the lighting right makes the difference between a snapshot and a masterpeice. As with most photographers we spend the majority of our time adjusting, reflecting, colouring and correcting light to get that perfect shot.

Our commercial photographer shoots in high resolution (35mm full frame or medium format) digital RAW format followed by post processing on the Mac usually in Lightroom and Photoshop. We also occasionally shoot old fashioned film and then transfer to the Mac directly from the film with a dedicated film scanner.

Once an image is in Photoshop, the industry standard, the editing options for our designers are unlimited. Reality can be made perfect, a dull day made sunny and the laws of nature need not apply.

  • In the frame

    We like to take our own pictures. As designers it gives us 100% creative control. There's no worrying about briefs going awry or not getting just the right angle.

    Of course there are also times when we want to work with a special photographer and take advantage of their creative input. After all, we're not ones for rules.

  • Portfolio

    The Phoot creative portfolio is rapidly growing and contains a vast range of successful marketing projects. We have many samples of work from stationery to complex internet portals.

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  • If you would like to view more samples of our work please get in touch to arrange a meeting.